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    Lebanon Waste Management Exhibition

    Public Awareness is one of the Lebanon Waste Management Exhibition and Conference objectives.

    Lebanon Waste Management Exhibition and Conference will be soon considered is the only and biggest event in Lebanon related to Recycling and Environmental profiles. A series of exhibitions and conferences, have to take a place parallel to it. Having said that, Lebanon Expo will organize a road show to convert the challenges of the waste crisis into opportunities.

    The critical element in Solid Waste Management is public awareness, in addition to other factors such as proper legislation, strong technical support, and sufficient funding. Lack of public awareness is one of the major problems of Solid Waste Management in Lebanon. The Waste Management Lebanon Expo 2019, organized by Lebanon Expo Exhibition and Conference, will play a major role in raising awareness about waste management

    Community participation has a direct effect on efficient SWM plan. Municipalities don’t have awareness programs for SWM staff, and for the public. They have failed to educate citizens on the basics of handling waste and appropriate way of storing it in their own bins at the household, shop and other institutions and then disposing it in the communal storage points declared by the authorities.

    Other countries have adopted different or combined waste management procedures such as source reduction, collection, recycling, composting, incineration, and landfilling based on their income level.

    On a related matter, households, hotels, restaurants, schools and other commercial establishments should be directed to introduce systems for segregation of solid waste. Imposing fine will not give results unless the public understand the importance of keeping the country clean. All of these topics, will be discussed at Waste Management Expo in Lebanon.

    Waste Management Beirut, is not only an Environmental Reformation Conference or Recycling Exhibition and conference, but will be the best platform to shed light on the latest technology in water and wastewater management.

    The waste expo Lebanon, will present several recommendations to improve waste management, such as, organizing public awareness programs, which could start from the schools; increasing efforts for recycling, keeping in mind future population growth, resource recovery, strengthening capacity of municipalities and encouraging public private partnerships.

    It will be attended by government representatives, senior executives, policy makers, developers, academicians, engineers, planners, designers, researchers and entrepreneurs – All related to Waste Management profile.

    For more information visit: www.wastemgmtexpo.com

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